Snoring Treaments

There are many different ways that snoring has been treated. You may be able to stop snoring by making lifestyle changes, such as loosing weight, or by using devises while you sleep such as jaw guards. A few of the most common treatments are listed here:

  • Lose weight if you are overweight
  • Quit smoking if you are a smoker
  • Sleep on your side (not your back)
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol
  • Limit your consumption of sedatives, sleep aids etc. before bedtime
  • Use nose strips, decongestants or a nasal spray before going to sleep
  • Use a devise that will push your tongue and jaw forward in order to improve air flow to your lungs, this should be inserted before going to sleep

If these more standard treatments do not improve your snoring conditions, you can use a machine that will assist you with breathing while you sleep. These are called CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines, and are the same machines used with patients who suffer from sleep apnea.